Code of ethics

1. Members of the AQIE have the necessary permits and accreditations to carry out all their activities and comply with them.


2. They treat their customers, their competitors, the public in general, their suppliers and all the interveners they deals with in the course of their professional activities with politeness and dignity.

3. They implement all their skills to meet the needs of their customers during the design, manufacturing, installation and, if necessary, repair of a sign. In case of doubt, they refer to competent persons.


4. Aware of their social responsibilities and because all the signs of a given territory constitute the main showcase of the latter in the eyes of visitors, the AQIE members strive to ensure the linguistic quality of the messages presented by consulting a licensed translator or terminologist. It goes without saying that in the final analysis, it is usually the customer who has the last word.


5. The member takes all necessary precautions, both mandatory and non-mandatory, to ensure his / her safety as well as those of his or her employees, both inside and outside the premises, building's employees, clients and the general public.


6. Before the creation of a sign, the sign maker presents a detailed estimate in compliance with the plans and specifications provided.


7. Except in exceptional circumstances, they do not incur any additional costs compared to the initial estimate submitted without first obtaining the customer's authorization.


8. They perform all their functions in accordance with the rules of art and ergonomics applicable to the industry.


9. They ensure their professional development and that of their employees in order to offer a quality product in accordance with the requirements of the day.


10. They guarantee their work and products for a minimum period of 90 days and inform each customer of the conditions of the guarantee.





Notes to the Code of Ethics


1. Permits and accreditations


Sign makers who manufacture signage with electrical components must have a recognized accreditation, CSA. Or other.

Sign makers benefit from being members of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)


2. Politeness and dignity


A sign maker does not interfere verbally or physically with his or her interlocutors. At all times, he / she must demonstrate dignity, objectivity and moderation.


3. Rules

For each step in the manufacture or installation of a sign for which he is responsible, the sign maker shall carry out his work in accordance with the rules of the art set out in the national courses prepared under the authority of the SAC. Members are strongly encouraged to read them.

4. Linguistic quality


Members wishing to ensure the linguistic quality of the signs they produce are encouraged to consult with the members of the College of Translators, Terminologists and Certified Interpreters, Québec, with whom the AQIE entered into a collaboration agreement in June 2001. Directory of the Order is accessible through the OTTIAQ website



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