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The Association Québécoise de l’Industrie de l’Enseigne (AQIE) (Quebec Association of sign makers) was founded in 1983, and remains to this day the only organization recognizing professional sign makers wishing to establish the respect of ethical and technical standards governing the sign industry.

The AQIE acts as spokesman for sign makers and its mission is to promote, improve and enhance the professionalism of the Quebec sign industry.

By the same token, it interacts with various government agencies to protect the interests of its members and their customers.

The Board of Directors of the AQIE is composed of members elected by their peers, whose mandate is to develop, track and complete case files in the interest of its members and the Quebec sign industry.

The AQIE is also affiliated with the Sign Association of Canada (SAC) and forges links with other Canadian companies, allowing  information exchanges that benefit all members of the AQIE.

It is an excellent association, made up of professional people and where the exchange of information is constructive to the honor! Our company is very proud to be a member of AQIE. Thank you for your important presence in our industry.

Lucie Lemay

Les Enseignes AMTECH

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